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Post 1: Social media 2017: progressive or dangerous?

Since the death of Vine™, social media has adapted greatly. As one app gets forgotten into the endless spiral of YouTube vine compilations,  many more rise as we see Facebook and Instagram developing the ever so famous ‘stories feature’ that we have all come to love via ‘Snapchat Stories.’ Media is constantly changing and growing with each generation and with growth comes new ways for people to connect which, more often than not are positive. However, dangers still lurk in the shadowy parts of the web and target the vulnerable in society such a young teenagers and elderly internet users.

Social media can be described as progressive and it’s what the world runs on in 2017. People earn a living through social media be it: promoting other products or their own business, it has become a way of life. Almost all of the 2016 American presidential campaign was documented on social media and some of the candidates used social media as a way to connect with young voters. It also allows individuals to have a job that not only earns money but allows creativity and helps them achieve personal goals. Different social media platforms are continually arriving in the app store and progression is inevitable.

Social media can be a destructive force used by people that can cause pain and suffering. We’ve all seen the bad side of the web through stories of suicide due to public embarrassment but as shocking as these are social media is an influencer and is too much of a mass to bring down. It will be around for years to come and does spread news like no other. We see fake news stories mixed with the real, videos of people falling over, Hillary Clinton dabbing (which was painful to watch) and animals doing funny things, which we would not get to experience without social media and sharing websites.

The dangers surrounding social media are not new and will always be there. As long as people continue to share their daily life with the world danger and lack of privacy will be a factor they must take into account. An example of this would be when Kim Kardashian a woman who shares almost every detail of her life with the public, was targeted and robbed in Paris. The criminals were able to track Kim’s whereabouts using social media and they knew when she’d be alone. This is an extreme example but it just goes to show how easy it is to use social media in order to commit a crime.

I believe that it is a personal choice whether or not social media will effect you. If sharing daily life is your cup of tea then so be it but share with caution and understand the uncertainty of social media. We must remember to stay safe on the web and use social media with caution.


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