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Post 5: The Role of the Amateur/Individual – New Challenges in Screen Media

It is very clear that in the last few years the lines between the amateur and professional have become blurred. Media is more accessible and amateurs have the tools to expand their horizons into professional territory. Amateur screen media cannot be dismissed as it raises awareness about topics that are often over looked. Amateurs are now highly skilled and have the almost the same level of knowledge as that of the professional. Amateur and individual projects allow freedom to the creators and give them a space to share their full opinion.

Nowadays there are lots of ways people can develop their digital skills. ‘How to’ videos swarm YouTube giving amateurs the resources they need to enhance knowledge on all things media. These videos are easily accessible and allow individuals to learn without going to college or doing a course in digital media. One example of these videos is teaching amateur filmmakers and photographers how to make their work look professional.


Without receiving any formal training, these amateurs are able to compete on a global level with the professionals. These days anyone can google a video and create an app. It does not take extensive knowledge anymore. But this creates new challenges for screen media as one questions where the divide between professional and amateur begins.

With these new tools at our finger tips, ordinary people and young people are given new opportunities for activism. Young people have become so engrossed in social media that they can use the platform for youth activism and reach a huge audience. An example of an individual using digital media to spread is Malala Yousafzai . She is not a professional but understands the power of social media and the digital age thus using it to spread her message to the world showcasing how media can be used to promote youth activism.

Image result for malala yousafzai social media

In conclusion, as I have said earlier the lines between the professional and the amateur have become increasingly blurred in this digital age. Youth activism has increased due to the simplicity of spreading a message on social media. Without any proper training the individual can use media to their advantage. They can teach themselves the correct techniques thus giving them credibility in the global online world.



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